Mim has managed both my bloodstock and the personal side of our finances since 2005.  Whether we see her when she comes to town, or communicate by email, we know she is watching out for our best financial interests.  She helps get our taxes done, looks to squeeze every dime to our advantage, and keeps our paperwork
straight.  We trust her to do what’s best for us.

- John (bloodstock advisor, Lexington KY)
I don’t know what my mom would have done without Mim’s help with her financial information.  Mim started off with a full overhaul of all financial information, finding and connecting all the disparate pieces.  Then she got everything organized so she could track everything that was happening, step in to help when needed and keep my mom and the kids informed.  

It was clear that Mim really cared about making sure my mom was saving all the money she could and keeping up to date on everything - from daily bills to getting ready for tax preparation.   

Mim has far exceeded what we could have hoped for with a financial support person for my mom. She has saved my mom lots of money, by watching everything carefully.  She’s quick to respond when we have a question and always has a thorough plan for what needs to happen.  

She’s extremely responsible and she’s very clever - she does way more than just record numbers - she’s doggedly pursing my mom’s best financial interest. 

She is outstanding.  Do yourself a favor and contact Mim - you’ll be enormously glad that you did.

- Jean (daughter of Ruth, Lexington KY)
Mim has been a blessing to me! After a 25-year marriage to a husband who handled all the our personal and business finances, I felt financially and personally lost and overwhelmed.  Mim stepped in and got my personal and business finances in order, IN NO TIME FLAT! 

She educated, oriented, and empowered me.  With her marvelous way of making what seems like overwhelming tasks so simple, she made the entire process fun!  She enabled me to see that my financial goals are attainable and provided a straightforward and direct plan to do so.  

Mim is not only professional, ultra-efficient, and a very responsible steward of my funds, I think she deserves an honorary degree in psychotherapy.  Her tact, compassion, and effectiveness at handling and helping me during a crisis time in my life was incomparable and has given me clarity and confidence in both my day-to-day plan and my future financial plan.

- Ming (director of wellness
products line, Kalispell MT)

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Mim is very, very efficient in what she does.  We have known and engaged her services since July 2003.  She is a fast worker, very creative, and very dependable.  In short, she is most knowledgeable in what she does. 

- Steve (attorney, San Francisco)

Organizing the globe, project by project.

BringING order to your life

Daily Money Management ~ Professional Organizing ~ Downsizing & Relocation Services

Mim’s organizational tips have saved us endless hours of
searching.  We try our best to follow her directive:  "Everything has its place/home."   Also, cleaning up our paper trail every few months makes tax time a breeze.  We just open the 'Mim box' and are good to go. 
- Danny and Julie (physicians, Marin Co. CA)
Mim has been a godsend over the last 10 years.  She helped us
de-clutter house #1, then move to house #2, de clutter again and move to house #3.  With boundless energy and determination, she guides us to make great choices and organize each time.  We recommend her services without reservation. 

- Denny (President/CEO, food service co, Louisville, Miami, Seattle, Denver)
Mim has been my office/accounts assistant for more than a decade.  The word assistant is an understatement as she in fact coordinates all my accounts.  The stress relief is invaluable - the only stress she causes is when she insists I do things like pay my taxes and keep my spending within my budget. 

She seems to always be available for queries with quick answers.  I appreciate Mim's intelligence and wit.  She has managed my investment/retirement monies and my everyday expenses with competence and an iron hand.  

My tax preparer has depended on Mim to give timely and accurate spreadsheets and has always been able to consult with Mim on any questions.

- Michele (court reporter, Berkeley CA)
We could not survive without Mim. We have worked with her for many years and she keeps us organized and is a pleasure to work with. We trust her implicitly and we enjoy her gentle reminders about all the things we don’t have time for (and which she ultimately then takes care of) and we would recommend her unreservedly – we love her!  

- Julia & Philip (architect and game designer, San Francisco)
I would highly recommend the services Mim provides.  My world moves very quickly with much chaos to handle on a daily basis.  Mim has helped tremendously in slowing things down and simplifying my life a bit.  Her attention to detail is second to none and she also possesses the personality and sense of humor that makes the most awfully mundane tasks of daily organizational work and money management a lot more pleasant and bearable.

- Brett (president, medical lien funding company)