Organizing the globe, project by project.

BringING order to your life

Daily Money Management ~ Professional Organizing ~ Downsizing & Relocation Services

WHAT I DO:        Any or all of these phases:

                                  > Before your move:  sort, cull, order, and organize
                                  > During your move:  oversee packing and moving out of the home, meet the movers on the other
                                      end to receive your shipment
                                  > After your move:  Set up your new home: unpack, put away, sort, and organize your items                                
HOW I DO IT:      By using efficient organizing practices, using other professionals as needed, and a lot of elbow grease.


WHAT I DO:         Clear out the clutter; discard what you don't need, use, or want, 
                                    and organize the keepers.

HOW I DO IT:      > Area by area, room by room.  (Sorry, there is no "magic wand.")
                                   > Keep those items that are useful, valuable, beautiful, or sentimental  
                                   > Ordered, organized, labeled
                                   > Everything in its place and a place for everything



WHAT I DO :        Cash management.  Accounts are managed remotely (clients can be anywhere).

HOW I DO IT:      > Bill-paying & budgeting
                                   > Tracking your income and expenses
                                   > Showing you where your money goes so you can make better choices about spending
                                   > Avoiding nasty late fees and finance charges
                                   > Catching incorrect bills and credit card charges 
                                   > Reviewing accounts for ongoing and additional savings
                                   > Preparing monthly and year-end reports for tax purposes.  No more bags of receipts to sort through!

                      mimkingworks  will coordinate with your current tax, investment, and legal team -- or help you find                                        who you need in these areas.