Organizing the globe, project by project.

BringING order to your life

Daily Money Management ~ Professional Organizing ~ Downsizing & Relocation Services

Trust fund recipients
Venture capitalists
Older people
Small business owners


mimkingworks  manages the personal funds of, organizes the offices and homes of, and/or has relocated:

Global company executives
Hollywood entertainers
People in transition (i.e., divorce, widowed, job relocation)

mimkingworks  has a special interest in:
            Family Fraud situations (i.e., analyzing documents and                   statements)
            Asset Discovery in divorce proceedings (i.e., discovering               hidden assets)
Mim has provided amazing support 
each time I have moved over the
past 10+ years.  She helps me organize myself - what do I keep, donate, and throw away.  This past time, she really helped with the movers so that I could work.  It made the move much easier for me and I will call her next time I need help organizing or moving.

Susan (VP, global merchandise co., Seattle)
I want to thank you for the terrific 
help you have been to me and
my family.  As you know I was completely overwhelmed before you took over shepherding Mom's finances. I couldn't begin to keep up with all the mayhem that was taking place in managing Mom's affairs. I know you have saved us a ton of money not to mention my sanity.  I am eternally grateful for your money skills and geriatric parenting advice.  I have complete confidence in you which means that I get to sleep at night rather than fear the future.

Gaela (artist, Louisville KY)
Thank goodness for Mim! Both my 
wife and I are completely hopeless with figures and math and our accounts were in a
constant shambles before we lucked out and found Mim, who keeps us on the straight and narrow and our bookkeeping is a thing of beauty.  Hire her. Now. You will be happy you did.

- John (animation filmmaker and puppeteer, Los Angeles)

Don't know where to start?  Not great at it?  Don't have the time?  Not your cup of tea?   mimkingworks  can help.

Mim located and recovered our 
bank account that had been "lost"
for 8 years. It was a stroke of luck when we met in New York and we’d be happy to recommend her to anyone else who is in a similar situation.

Janet & Jim (retired, Belgium and France)

As your US agent, manage your state-side finances and affairs and resolve issues on your behalf

Make your international living experience easier to enjoy, with peace of mind knowing you have a "point person" in the States for whatever you might need

Assist in searching (on-site or remotely) for appropriate care facilities (independent / assisted / memory care)

Manage the transition from home to a care facility​

New home set-up (unpack and organize).  When Mom or Dad arrive at their new home, everything is organized:  unpacked, put away, bathroom stocked, pictures hung, etc.  Ready to relax!

Handle the financial transition from old to new home, including insurance policies (LTC) and other benefits at this stage