Organizing the globe, project by project.

BringING order to your life

Daily Money Management ~ Professional Organizing ~ Downsizing & Relocation Services


I started my business in 1998 to work with individuals, families, and businesses in their quest to get "stuff and money" organized.  The inspiration to start my own organizing business was the result of several unsatisfying 9-5 jobs.  I would start making changes pretty much from day one -- not always appreciated in the corporate world.  Now I earn my living by doing what used to get me into trouble.

My love of details and "getting things done" means that I treat each client's project as if it were my own.  But not in a creepy kind of way.  It just means I try to do the best I can for each client.  Plus, I want you to be happy.  

I don't pay retail for anything, am crafty with trash, and love to recycle, re-use, or consign your items.  I've never paid a late fee or interest charge (except for a mortgage, which is considered good debt, but that’s another story).  I could pack up and move my house in three days.  I know where my passport is, and I sort through my clothes on a constant basis.  I love getting rid of things and organizing what's left.

I hold a BA in International Relations from the University of California at Davis and a Masters in Organization and Leadership from the University of San Francisco.  Before starting my own business, I held positions in higher education, distance learning, and human resources.